We celebrate the special feeling of receiving a handwritten note

In our shop, you will find the supplies to make moments feel uniquely you. We want to help you discover the perfect item to send a memorable greeting, jot down your ideas, or make your office and studio feel like home.

Tiny Turns Paperie is a stationery store and paper studio in Somerville, Massachusetts.

Jen Palacio at Tiny Turns Paperie

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Meet the ladies of Tiny Turns Paperie

Jen Palacio
Owner | Designer | Printmaker

Jen Palacio sitting in a backwards chair with arms crossed. Photo by Emily Tirella.

I’ve always enjoyed making things. In 2002 while working as a project manager for a very large corporation, I started meeting with a group of ladies for monthly crafting dates and discovered my love for creating handmade greeting cards.

In 2011 I started selling my work at local markets under the name Just Enough Nonsense. In 2012 I learned letterpress printmaking, and caught the bug - I purchased my first antique letterpress in 2013, and the second in 2014.

In addition to greeting cards and custom stationery, I enjoy making large format work like posters and limited edition prints. I often work with vintage wood-type, lead forms and blocks that I carve in linoleum or wood.

I’m interested in combining new technologies and traditional print-making techniques and my current projects often involve creating hand-lettered or hand-drawn designs that are transferred to polymer plates and printed on one of my antique printing presses.

In addition to the shop and studio, I teach courses in the Sustainability Program at the Harvard Extension School.

Photo by: Emily Tirella 


Katie McCarthy
Shop Assistant | Lettering Artist

katieboxes.jpg Hi friends! I’m the one who gets to mail your orders to you (so please order more things because it’s a lot of fun for me!) When I’m not at the shop I’m side hustling making Wordpress websites for freelance clients. 

I studied graphic design, photography, and studio art in school but have always been particularly drawn to lettering and typography. In a dream world I’d be doing all of it and more, but who has time for that?! If you’re one of those magical humans that somehow does do it all PLEASE teach me your ways!!

My secret (or not so secret) skill is that I’m a badass at archery and used to teach lots of amazing young women how to be too. 

If you’d like to see some of my work outside of Tiny Turns check me out at and